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@Los_Ingobernables_De_Jorts *drake not liking a thing* going to a wedding

*drake liking a thing* inflicting Tommy Wiseau on your partner

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hey yo anonymous user from got a real quick question for you: who gives an actual singular shit??? tf?? this isn't reddit you stupid clown foh

cc: @burgin

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reminder that pretty much no matter WHERE you work, HR is there to protect The Company, NOT you. Never you. They will "protect" you if doing so is in the best interests of protecting The Company.

to clarify, most of the course is actually fine and just basic diversity common sense shit, but they threw a bunch of this shit in here every so often that i'm highlighting cuz it's terrible

as I said further downthread:
it's just typical HR fuckery trying to minimize the chances of any kind of "incident" by telling people "DONT BE OFFENSIVE" and also "DONT BE OFFENDED" and that shit can fuck off

"It is your duty as a positive professional to hold yourself accountable for your actions, whether it's you or one of your co-workers that makes an insensitive comment. Don't take the situation personally! Try to empathize with the other person by respecting that they may have a different perspective to the situation at hand."


oh here we fucking go

this shithead Neil walks up to a pregnant co-worker and says:

"Hey Melissa, what's the difference between a pregnant woman and a lightbulb??"

"I don't know..."


literal direct quote: "Now without hearing the punchline to his joke, we can assume that Neil's intentions were good! He was merely trying to lighten the mood by entertaining a fellow co-worker."


the next slide tells you, as the affected "diversity" employee, to take a moment and "Let's Pause For A Moment" to digest the situation and consider "Ben's perspective"

"Look at Ben as a HUMAN BEING and know we all mean well but mess up from time to time."

eat my fuckin ass, Ben, you fuckin milkbone

there was a whole segment where this white dickhead asks a new brazilian employee to help him with a mexican customer because "you know a lot more about all that culture stuff" and just generally being a racist pig lumping all latinos as mexican

and i'm thinking alright cool, they about to put this kinda shit on blast, good job whatever HR drone designed this course


doing some mandatory "DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION" e-training to avoid doing any actual work today and holy shit some of this is


REAL bad

@Gargron eugen are you enjoying this classic image yet??? are you having a sensible chuckle? hello??


i was waiting in the wings for a response to my joke to use my favorite image ever made as a follow-up, but now that opportunity has died

so, please go ahead and enjoy this classic image out of context with my blessings

CW: cursed

good morning, my hair is a rat's nest and my soul is an eldritch abyss

it's super cool how chugging nyquil last night as a last resort both totally worked and also totally failed miserably

I slept for like a solid 6 hours! incredible!

I have the restfulness of about 27 minutes of sleep! also incredible!


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