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major props to @killeveryhetero for putting infinitely more effort into the joke than i did (cw food)

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love too trip and slash my tiddy open with an ink pen i was holding in my mouth


(slight :ec:)

🎶 it's beginning to look a lot, like, lesbians
evvvvvverywheeeeere i goooo 🎵

you know what, let's have a thread, actually! screenshot your home screens and post them here, here's my hella gay submission

LET'S FIND OUT: WHOMST HAS THE GAYEST HOMESCREEN IN ALL OF THE FEDIVERSE??? (don't cheat, post what it's already set to right now)

Enbys with cowboy hats and who say things like "shucks" when you compliment them

hahahaha cappuccino??? more like, CRAPpuccino, am i right fellas?????

    this post made by IRISH BREAKFAST TEA GANG

night crew

[Elephant somebody photoshopped to look like a monster]

i know i haven't posted much in a while, an explanation (warning: long) Show more

i had some weird dreams last night but at one point in my dream i opened mastodon and i distinctly remember seeing a specific post on the tl,

it was @dirt, replying to someone unknown, with "i hope @laurie shits in your chairs"

i have so many questions,

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