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i fixed the :angry_laugh: favicon after years of not fixing it

also the error page is ... well ... lets call it an easter egg, i kind of like the accident that happened here... mouse over the elephant:

i wonder how many defunct accounts i'm following from dead instances

i just went through and dealt with all the reports in the queue i've been ignoring for months, i'm not gonna announce every action i took cuz i've already forgotten half of them but we de-fed'd a couple of weird spam instances and silenced one guy posting his dick and resolved a ton of frivolous reports against you guys with sassy resolution notes

if anyone has been thinking of joining or coming back to JORTS DOT HORSE :jhorse: and didn't because it was so out of date, well, now's your chance. sign-ups are re-enabled, we're running latest masto, and (afaik) we've never been at the center of a fedi controversy

downsides: absentee badmin who never posts

upsides: damn thats a sexy jorts horse logo :jorthorse:

i might need to disable sign-ups again if we get inundated with weird bot accounts like last time, but for now they're open!

the files are all there, its just that masto is loading the wrong URL for them and so they're all 404

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my wasabi reverse proxy broke somehow during the upgrade ... it's not correctly adding the bucket name when attempting to serve media

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media is fucked, but that's nothing new

:emergency: 🚨 :emergency:

jorts might break a bit tonight, and will definitely go offline for a short while

i'm still running ubuntu 16.04 and it's stopping me from doing ... just about anything i want to do on the server aside from

will be taking a snapshot before upgrade incase i shit the bed, but, with as little energy as i have for maintenance lately it might take a hot minute to get back up if it stays busted

ok i love u all

:emergency: 🚨 :emergency:

nevermind the server running is still on fuckin Ubuntu 16.04 which is like 4 months from end of life cuz i'd been afraid to update it for fear of breaking this site so uhhhhh rip

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i'm trying to fix my busted discord bot that runs on the same linux server as so there's a chance i trip over my own ass and break something

still can't stop dwelling on it

doesn't help that i've had the ending song on loop for 3 days


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cyberpunk spoilers, suicide 

i think this probably only will be able to hit so hard on someone who has been suicidal

because you never fully "get over it"

it's still there

you get past the immediate danger, and you learn to survive, but there's always this nihilistic scar across your neurons

and by fuck did this manage to set that scar on fire

i don't really know why i posted this but, yeah


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cyberpunk spoilers, suicide 

but then...

fade to black, credits start up

....and every character you've meaningfully interacted with in the game leaves you a video message sobbing hysterically, or screaming at you, or praying for you, or just having a mental breakdown, and i just...

i cried for an hour and then went to bed, and then i rewatched it yesterday morning and cried all morning

i still feel numb

i did not expect to be gutpunched SO hard on what i thought was a joke ending

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cyberpunk spoilers, suicide 

has anyone finished the game yet?

did you... pick the suicide ending? i picked it as my first ending, thinking it would be... i don't know, less heavy?

V makes perfectly good sense... she doesn't want to sacrifice anyone else for her own sake. Are she and Johnny worth those deaths? Johnny agrees, they talk for a bit, it zooms out, bang.

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