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shameless thirst trap, eye contact 

Got both my head hairs and my face hairs cut now that I'm finished filming a short film. I look gooooood.

#ThirstTraps #SelfieSaturday

@killeveryhetero i relate so hard to a platform running on ancient code that has trouble adapting to the modern age

there appears to be a rake command to rebuild all the feeds, but it doesn't exist in jorts' old code lol

GUESS I'M RUNNIN OL' FAITHFUL: RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/tootctl feeds build

:emergency: hey jorts horsers the site might be fucked up from this for a few minutes idk :emergency:

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...,......,,is the local timeline busted or what, goddammit

welp, that's annoying

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idk what dark equestrian magicks prevented this post from being placed on the local timeline at all (the reply showed up!!! but not the OP!) but HEY, JORTS HORSERS WHO ONLY BROWSE LOCAL, CZECH THIS OUT:

idk if people are still weird about boosting selfies around here but please feel free to boost away i need all the validation i can get these days

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i'll start, cuz probably 90% of you don't remember or never knew what your absentee shitposting overlord looks like, and because i crave attention :omega_laugh:

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:emergency: in honor of all the brave men and women who died fighting george w bush overseas, i hereby declare today, November 21, 2022,
:anidab_right: :anidab_left:

i wonder if any of y'all even remember what i look like lol

in my case "toiled towards" largely meant dying a lot in Demon's Souls and ignoring my notis and trying to figure out why some npc in town died out of the fucking blue while trying to shake off the benzos i took to get some sleep yesterday BUT, NEVERTHELESS,

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the :night_crew_1::night_crew_2:​JORTS.HORSE NITE CREW​:night_crew_1::night_crew_2: has done our solemn duty in fixing the backlog for us all

godsaccursed day crew fools, blinded by thy love of sunlight, and grass, and peat moss, dare ye ruin all that we have toiled towards whilst you slept soundly in your little beds?

@killeveryhetero Fully support. Being admin has to have some kind of payoff.

web uploads seem to be working again hold onto your jorts everybody :emergency:

@Gargron gonna stick to web app because of that despite my image uploads being busted to all hell atm

without the noble topnav, are we even any better than animals??????

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@Gargron ayo literally why does the official masto app bury the Local tab deep underneath the search function?? the local tab is half of what i scroll through :angery: :angery: :angery:

so image uploads are barely working on web --takes an inordinate amount of time if it works at all

they're not working whatsoever on Tusky

they are, however, working flawlessly and instantly on the official masto app, the interface of which makes me want to dive into traffic before I'd use it

:thonk_shark: :thonk_shark: :thonk_shark:

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masto announcements feature is lit

it means i can directly broadcast my dumbest shitposts directly into the bloodstream of all red blooded jortshorsers, and it stays on their screen, forever

this is exactly the kind of power i was born to hold within my rat-like hands

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