You have donated £83,000 to support the Vagina Museum's quest to move into our new home. We're just £2000 away from the target now - can you take us there tonight?

Sie war seit 1362 vermisst - jetzt hat ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt der @unimainz, der #UniKiel, des Zentrums für Baltische und Skandinavische Archäologie #ZBSA und des Archäologischen Landesamtes #SchleswigHolstein #ALSH die untergegangene Kirche von Rungholt im nordfriesischen Wattenmeer lokalisiert. Mehr: #Archäologie #Wattenmeer @archaeodons

Mental health (mention only) 

Just realised how insane it is to call a regular weekend "mental health days"...

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Mental health (mention only) 

I took 4 mental health days over the extended weekend, which was great and sorely needed but it also means I now have to prepare a presentation in about uhh 48 hours

Oh well, it it's bad, it's bad

Fully intend to turn this into a tat design at some point, add some wonderland flair, perhaps some oz for good measure

Myth and Archaeology in Iron Age Greece is now available on YouTube

It dives into the thorny question of how ancient Greek myth and archaeology relate to each other

Check it out at this link, and make sure to subscribe. Fun, new stuff coming next month!

Thanks to Hüseyin Çınar Öztürk for permission to share the end of his interview

And, of course, thanks to all the students in the course I taught at Dartmouth College that this video was originally made for!

New life plan: find and marry a rich, successful french woman (~14-20 years older than me) so I can go excavate in peace

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Hating "french culture" and by association the language, is such an unfathomably cringe cope

Get real

The contrast in quality compared to "Ammonite", a movie predestined to be enjoyed by me (fossils, queers, social recluses, Saoirse Ronan, Kate Winslett), is staggering though. Ammonite so desperately wishes it could be Portrait of a Lady on Fire but has none of its truthfulness and elegance, nor does it possess the same prosaic strength.

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It's unsurprising how much it connects with me, considering the obvious Mulholland Drive influences, as well as, yk, the general queerness

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Watched 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' which moved me deeply on both artistic and emotional levels. Can see it becoming part of my ritualistic sapphic cry movie evenings

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