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Watching Graham Hancock explaining archaeology is like watching a three-year old explaining how clouds are made... Same intellectual level. 👏👏👏

Huhu, wir sind jetzt auch #neuhier
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Weitere Informationen gibt es auf

Honoring Mary Anning (1799-1847) #MaryAnning, discoverer of so many #Jurassic fossils. #paleontology #geology #WomenInStem #WomenInScience

Anning was not recognised for her work; her friend geologist Henry De la Beche painted "Duria Antiquior -a more ancient Dorset" and sold lithographs of it to raise funds for Anning.

It's been a while since I posted in here. I will try to be more active and share more illustrations and drawings.

Using as a blocklist. Keep that stuff on twitter and away from me. :birdsite:

why does fedified exist we already have :verified: why would you want a shittier gatekept version of that lmao

david lynch saying "and if youuu can believe it" but the "you" is just stretched out for like 10 minutes

It emerged from the Lusatian culture, imported iron artefacts from the and culture and was locally connected to the amber-trading Pomeranian and Nordic culture groups.

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It might not look like much but this is the site of the / / burial ground in Wachow, . The culture, which it primarily belongs to, came into being due to economic and ecological shifts in the 6th century BC. It is remarkable due to the integration of wide-ranging influences and a long-lasting continuous population.

Dreaming of carboniferous coal swamps 🌿 Alethopteris and Calamites from the Scottish Coal Measures of Fife 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Bei der Rekonstruktion von vorgeschichtlichen Häusern sind Dächer oft der schwierigste Teil, denn sie erhalten sich nicht. Einen Einblick vermittelt die früheisenzeitliche Hausurnenkultur (etwa 750-450 v. Chr.). Sie bestattete die Asche einiger ihrer Toten in hausförmigen Urnen.

Hausurnen von Hohenturm. © LDA #SachsenAnhalt, J. Lipták.

#Archäologie #Museum #museumhalle

I'm trying to get through Graham Hancock's #pseudoarchaeology documentary #AncientApocalypse (not easy!). I'm sure others will have more detailed rebuttals soon, but so far 99% of his arguments rest on the assumption that prehistoric hunter-gatherers were "simple" people incapable of building things. And err, they weren't. That's it. There's no mystery Graham.

I'm preparing an epic thread to critique the new Netflix "docuseries" hosted by G. Hancock

It's a load of terrible pseudoarchaeology based on #Atlantis

If you're interested, I've written on the topic of Atlantis pseudoarchaeology on TV before:

(yes, I assign homework. But no worries, no pop quiz and read as much as you wish) #archaeology

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