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boostable version, donate to Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, transmisia, fuck TERFs 

Today, scottish Arch-TERF JK Rowling announced she's funded a competing rape crisis centre in Edinburgh that will only serve cis women, apparently as a fuck-you to the existing Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre, which has a trans woc CEO and has endured months of harrassment from TERFs to the point of temporary closure. Please show some support to the current trans-inclusive ERCC if you can:

BREAKING: Obama was "Homestuck" president, he says in a tell-all interview that the webcomic was influential on his policy in the Middle East.

The probably three-storey ziggurat was surrounded by a complex system of walls and courts, which separated the holy district from the rest of the city. Archaeological records document various installations. Texts inform us that various activities were conducted in different courtyards.
In an extensive process, a range of secondary sources were consulted to create an image of over 4000 years ago. Over 4000 human models and 300 buildings were used in this view.


It was a nice chat afterward, but yea, people actually believe this stuff and it's one of their first associations with archaeology. That is a bit scary.

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was out shopping for new safety shoes and chatting with the cashier. he asked me what I need them for, his face lit up when I said archaeology: "ohhhh, have you seen that new netflix show?". made me feel physically unwell

Matrix Reloaded is the best Matrix movie! send toot 👍

This whole emotions thing, it ain't working in our favour, folks

send me your favourite sad queer(-ish) movies please, i wanna cry

It's princess mononoke of course.
First being Nausicaä

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Gonna watch the SECOND BEST Ghibli movie (take a guess!) in cinema tomorrow.

Didn't listen to a whole lot of music this year because of chronic illness, so this isn't very exciting but yea

A marvellous early #medieval sachet-shaped fibula (a decorative pin to fasten garments/a brooch), found in Fridingen, dating 7th century AD. Made of gold inlaid with garnets and glass.

Photo:Landesmuseum Württemberg


The feminine urge to compulsively google people you went to high school with and contemplate catching up with them but ultimately deciding not to because it would be incredibly disappointing and awkward™

This one is for the local timeline only 

Big tiddy Jar-Jar Binks

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