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This is big. No #embargoes. No #APCs.

"The #EU is ready to agree that immediate #OpenAccess to papers reporting publicly funded research should become the norm, w/o authors having to pay fees & that the bloc should support #nonprofit scholarly publishing models.

In a move that could send shockwaves through commercial scholarly #publishing, the positions are due to be adopted by the Council of the EU member state governments later this month."

#Europe #RightsRetention

POV: you said you didn’t want a piece of coronation quiche

Furthermore, what if I actually started playing rugby - to elevate the bit to a running joke 👍

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What if I got really into rugby - as a bit of course 🤔

About 3-10% of modern male pacific salmon are what are called “Jack” salmon, smaller/younger males who return several years early to spawn. This is a consistent reproductive strategy seen in all pacific salmon. They produce less sperm & cannot muscle out larger males, but they can sneak in & quickly fertile a female’s eggs.

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Long story short me & my dad are fossil hunters. Basically amateur paleontologists. We’ve been working a gravel quarry in Oregon that has giant salmon/tusktoothed salmon/sabertoothed salmon fossils in it which show spawning behavior including terminal reproduction. The fish were about 9-12 feet long. 400lbs+ huge

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Mental health 

90% sure it's just caused by being in love and wondering what to do about it. Gotta resolve that somehow

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Mental health 

It's been 3 years since I've actually had to deal with long-term anxiety and I'm sure it's just a short period now, influenced by various outside factors, but having that feeling in my head come back is mildly distressing either way. Because what if it's back in full force....

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Brain is giving me some type of deficiency warning by feeling weirdly anxious and negative. Gotta figure out what that's about

#scotland #archaeology #lidar anyone know what this strange shaped enclosure might be or when it would date from? c. 75m x 80m. Situated at the terminal of one of our linear earthworks in the Scottish Borders...

Reading so much about bluesky these last few days felt really odd because I just have to think of the r-based statistics program of the same name

was reading that mastodon only lets you search by hashtag and bluesky lets you search for any term like Twitter and let me say this

why the fuck would you want that again?

remember when you couldn't talk shit about Gamergate without getting dogpiled? or how Johnny Depp was a piece of shit? or how Ricky Gervais is an unfunny bigot? or Dave Chappelle? or how the latest South Park episode was trash?

even just saying you didn't enjoy a tv show could get a weirdo obsessed fan in your mentions

Super chill Interview, let's hope it works out ✌️

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I'm a smooth talker, which I hope covers up how insanely nervous I'll be

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