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New tooters best get some fuckin toots under your belt before requesting a follow.

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If she’s your mummy, why is her viscera in my canopic jars?

seasons make no fucking sense.

make autumn start in august.

flashback: steve ballmer on stage for the release of windows 95, dancing to "Shart Me Up"

"the eidma components" sounds like a mindbending action-thriller

Mark your calendars - August 28th is the #FestivalOfEidma, the (first?) Fediverseral holiday

how did the astronaut grow big tiddies in space? Show more

[[ taking out my wallet ]]

yes, hi, one socialism please.

@loosenut @remulacfrommars @datatitian @anthonydavis unbelievable that he would censor history in this way. Coming up on 1 year as well!

When I clear 900 followers I’ll do a face reveal

i'm almost done with my RealPlayer plugin to pick up ActivityPub statuses. things looking promising so far.

need to tinker a bit more with the codec and tighten up the graphics on level 3.

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