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New tooters best get some fuckin toots under your belt before requesting a follow.

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post-ideological-hyper-fractalized-uber-anarcho-communo-anarcho-communo-communo-anarcho-communo-anarcho-communo-anarcho-communo-anarchoh my god it's pulling me in, the vortex, it's too powerful, it's tOO POWERFUL, IT-- AH! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

some of you need to read the mastodon coc again

The void wails. The void howls. The void screams with sorrow because it feels the time that it will never have.

yes, tell them leftists and fascists are the marshmallows in Lucky Charms

I am reminded that we just need... a really big hose.

every two hours a programmer decides that we should simply solve the trivial problem of semantic language analysis

the world is a lever, not attached to anything

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