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*in the waiting room, hoping to hear good news about Gandalf's priapism*

here I am
on the road again
here I am
up on the stage
here I go
playin star again
there I go
turgid mage

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bofa is not shutting down. bofa was just moving to a smaller configuration because we're charged by the minute and why pay for resources we're not using.

imagine if mosquitos carried data like little flying USB sticks

*yelling at computer*

don't you beep at me!


are you feeling alright babe? You've barely started any new game dev projects

when another instance demands to know what jorts is "going to do" about a user that was in a fedi slapfight with some other user:

bullshit levels are currently at 84% but fluctuating wildly

(84%) ■■■■■■■■□□

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