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New tooters best get some fuckin toots under your belt before requesting a follow.

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in loving memory of BOFA

always in our hearts


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destroying any and all heat sources with a hammer

hello friendiverse, in my part of the world it is goddamn hot

people ask me: how does noisemaker work? tensors fucking.

if you find a job you love, remember it will never love you back

This actually does stand out amongst the current avalanche of "I trained a GAN on everything and the kitchen sink". Nice one!


What happens if you train a GAN on the database? Infinite pixel nightmares, that's what.


earlier today, my uncle was calling cargo shorts "pocket pants", and i think i'm going to start calling them that

@healyn it’s like Steve Jobs used to say: β€œa true innovation may require sacrificing a large portion of the globe to the point that the very earth is poison”

Decided to go with that fella from earlier. He put me up in his spare room for the weekend β€” it’s a little shabby, but I can’t complain!

The bofa mods are in my house. They’re eating my chips. They stole all my jeans (Jean jeans) and I want them to leave

🎡 he was a gamer boy
she said see you later boy
and that's why he's an incel now🎡

actively wearing jorts. the black pair, my favorite.

went on a short morning walk, missed out on at least two complete fediverse meme lifecycles. FML

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