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In case I haven't said it before, fuck ICE.

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Just a heads up, I'm not an expert in sociopolitical subject. I just know what I experience and have to deal with on a daily basis and I know that it needs to change.

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Rodeo is still better than both but I'd def put birds over astroworld tbh. I mean, nothing on Astroworld is as good as "the ends".

Don't understand how ppl trash Birds in the trap sing McKnight for being "commercial" but praise Astroworld despite the fact that it's way more commercial.

current status: still amused our activity level is comparable to's with 1/22nd the users


boost this and I'll assign you an rpg trinket* until I can't think of any more trinkets**

* a simple item lightly touched by mystery

**as above, but plural

great depression era vagabond scratching a betty boop in chalk onto a house to signal to travelers that the people who live there are down to suck and fuck

Emerging new company starterpack by /u/super_corndog

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Newspaper Peter Parker’s adventure with the Lizard continued

Nevermind it wasn't a buyout and the "corporation" is a few people doing web dev stuff including a knzk co-admin. Still keeping this up though because it's funny.

Kibousoft is just a couple people doing web development. It's as much of a "corporation" as I am, since I am self-employed and doing web development. was struggling with an owner who had no technical experience, so the people of Kibousoft offered to take it over. It wasn't bought out.

I'm sad to see people spreading misinformation about this. One of the Kibousoft guys was co-admin of KNZK and is one of the nicest people on here.

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