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Just a heads up, I'm not an expert in sociopolitical subject. I just know what I experience and have to deal with on a daily basis and I know that it needs to change.

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@nuttgodd nutt i'm afraid i've just made the worst thing

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One of the most absurd things about capitalism is how it effectively puts "we could've automated the process of creating this with no detectable loss of quality, but we made workers do it instead!" on products as like a sign of quality, and people eat it up

Me: I should study and spend my time productively until my exams are over
Also me: marathons Barshens at 1am

ironically, when someone says no homo there is almost never enough homo.

very glad this site has united around the anti-reply-guy front. True left unity

i love tonight’s meme of dunking on reply cishets

wait it gets better with "men's meggings": meggings for MEN.

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it's not often that 11 minute songs have a ton of replay value but i've given this one >50 listens.

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@horrowfide now that was a mod who knew how to rule with wild, erratic behavior. RIP

lol remember when selfagency would jump into convos like a dickensian headmaster and chastise people as if they were naughty children.

(pwease don't hellthread these people. they are too precious for that)

@Knzk @cambrian_era @amic @anna @killeveryhetero @sophia @socialskeleton @cocoron

Didn't someone make a post about how Sonic was a cop or something? If this leaked poster for the movie checks out that's become prescient as hell now lol.

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