Okay so I think trying to use mastodon again was mostly a mistake.. I'm just gonna leave again

There are still things that are far too stressful for me here that made me leave in the first place..

searching for dreamcore aesthetic blog fodder is wonderful because you get the sanrio traumacore where its in a dark dungeon and hello kitty says "i have to shit, i have to shit so badly"

nintendo is cringe they invented the straightification potion for fire emblem shippers


pulled some autumn sweaters out and took an autumn walk in the autumn weather as the autumn leaves rustled on my autumn feet. shove leaves in my ass

selfies, eye contact

just realized i used a betty crocker recipe to make my food and theres maybe a 43% chance it's going to mind control me

hi im trying masto again
i used to be pretty wound up and now i just want a place to be silly and share pics and stuff i make and jorts seemed like a good fit.

im a game/3d artist. ive been trying to shift off from typical realism to stylized and painted styles more. i really like dreamcore weirdcore and goth art right now

i like to go on weird tangents about cult movies, games and stuff. i really like fun music too. mostly dorian electra and the garden rn.

eye contact


Unstoppable shitposting engine.