computers men: i want to make a computer do a thing that humans do

me: maybe you should ask the humans who do that thing how they do it

computers men: preposterous. absurd

Wasn't that the whole basis of expert systems? You run into the same issue as anthropology, or any other field that rely on asking humans questions. There are three truths, the truth they tell you, the truth they believe, and the actual truth.

@alexjgriffith @dankwraith as opposed to Big Data, which... doesn't have this problem? not sure I buy that


@byttyrs @alexjgriffith @dankwraith but getting a biased system smart enuff to build its own biased systems without us needing to bias them? 👌🏻 that’s when you know you’ve innovated

What a bleak future! I think as a society we have to rethink the image of software systems being impartial. Bias is bad, but I'd argue unrecognized systemic implicit bias might be worse.

Also, with the potential power they weild, you'd think software engineers would have to take ethics.
@byttyrs @dankwraith

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