@RadicalEdward [capitalist voice] but i can’t get creepy data on each person who hears the audio files from an rss feed!

@RadicalEdward i remember my bosses at one job being utterly aghast that apple podcasts gave us basically no “useful information about our audience” — almost nothing not available to the public, for instance total subscribers (at that point in time only. no history-of-subscribers tracked).

so we stayed on libsyn, which at least housed history, and would give us geolocation and other crude IP-based info


@RadicalEdward could unfortunately go on and on about this as that nonprofit had seen such a decline in attendees at events, that radio, podcast streams, video streams, and social media (all once an afterthought) became the focus

and then the minute the board (composed of rich boomers) heard the word “data” and went utterly bonkers for it, since glancing at graphs and barking hot takes is a lot easier than thinking deeply about what makes sense to do

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