So there's this trend of white people going around coughing on folks because the don't believe the pandemic is real??

Bruh. I'm going to jail. You will see a headline of 'Bay Area man beats the shit out of a local bigot'.

Wooooo, boy.

@Are0h justified, imo.

I have a close friend who is severely immunocompromised and has severe asthma. She LOOKS healthy, but this shit would absolutely kill her if she got it. I am seeing red just thinking about some asshole doing this to her

@ItsJenNotGabby Considering we still don't know how wide spread it is or that we don't have a solid protocol for it yet, I consider the intent to be malicious. Whether you're joking or not, the intent is to harm the other person.

Nah, not today.

@Are0h yeah, Ramon just linked me to this, and it's terrifying. I am definitely not willing to make this sacrifice for the stupid ass economy


@ItsJenNotGabby @Are0h i’m lmao at the white guy in that twitter thread [with deplorable in his username] whose reply starts with “one of us is off,” and presents his counter-estimate

it should be possible to poison oneself from hubris

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