@mood oh shi. I've legit never seen it. I guess no time like the present!

@MmeLibertine @mood I thought it got worse over time (I never really got into the Baltar cult stuff, and the ending… oof)

I also wish Caprica (the series) had lived beyond its first season. It's… _wild_.

Early BSG is, like, really, really good, though. It really makes you wonder in retrospect how they screwed up ST: Voyager so bad.

LBT: And *totally* worth the time investment.

@mood Good series, until you've seen it. It's rewatchability goes out the window after that i found.

@slacka now i have to try rewatching and see if it feels like a slog 😂

it kinda makes sense, though. because a lot of what makes it so great relies on not necessarily knowing what’s going to happen

@mood That would be correct. I downloaded the whole series at the time. It was good, so i bought the DVDS to support it. I haven't made it thru the miniseries. Once you know the secrets, the story falls apart i found. Obviously, you could say the same thing about any story after you've seen it, but this one was hardly watchable after. For me, anyways.

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