“Github CEO Nat Friedman will not reconsider the company's contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE].

“The news comes after a staff meeting wherein Friedman condemned police brutality, adding GitHub would look at ways to help back law enforcement reform.

“Asked by an employee if Friedman would thus reevaluate the company's contracts with ICE and other law enforcement agencies, Friedman said no.”

some employee commentary here:

@mood such a strange hill to die on

ICE doesn’t even move the needle much in terms of revenues as I understand it. So why not just drop ‘em

@chucker They’re getting US$ 200,000 from ICE and donated US$ 500,000 “to nonprofit organizations working to support immigrant communities targeted by the current administration.”¹ – It’s not about the money, they want to do it.



@mood Microsoft and Github are shit and will always be shit no matter how much their PR tries to make you believe otherwise

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