Love that my partner has been calling in to for a week to speak to their general practitioner for concerns of chest pains, but because their doctor will not respond to their emails or voicemails, another doctor has shrugged their shoulders and said to go to the ER.

Both my partner and I are immunocompromised. Telling us to just sit in an ER because no doctor wants to take the time to actually diagnose my partner with even a video call is beyond irresponsible. I have seen four queer poz men in my friends’ circles die of exposure now.

It’s fucking ridiculous when a patient requests assistance because they’re concerned with exposure that the organization’s doctors completely disavow themselves of wanting to address or treat a patient just because they aren’t the GP.

After a WEEK of hounding their GP at Kaiser, she finally called my partner back at the end of day. Her advice? Go to the fucking ER and if we’re STILL WAITING BY TOMORROW MORNING, she’ll see them then.

What the fucking fuck is this shit? Telling two poz patients to endure this.

The general disregard this doctor at Kaiser has shown us is astronomical. I do not want to be told in order to see the doctor that is SUPPOSED to treat my partner, we have to stay in an ER overnight like we’re fulfilling a will’s clause to spend the night in a haunted mansion.


@furioursus KP is such a “luck of the draw” thing and they do _not_ make it easy to switch doctors. i’m so sorry you’re both forced to endure this. hoping you get a video visit soon. 💜

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