@mood Highland cattle really are giant cuddle monsters.

@raye plus, as kind of scary as their horns seem to be, they really are just a big floof of kindness! 😭
I've met them in Scotland and 3 of them took residence near my flat where I give them fruits and they're just soooo really kind despite the fact that some people are really mean to them.
Like, they will literally come to you and ask for cuddles, or talk to you and stuff. ❤️


@mood text says four, but it's actually FIVE BRUSHES!!! <3

@mood OMG they look exactly like the cow I'm taking care of in a field not far from my home. 😭
And she also does this when she wants neck scrubbies!!!! 😭😍

@mood omg :blob_cat_heart: imagine a place where people can drop by all day any day, pick up a brush, and groom these cuddly fluff monsters to their heart’s delight 🥰

@shahaan @mood there's actually a sanctuary farm in the US with two Highland bulls who will let you brush them, but you do have call ahead.

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