saw someone on twitter asking, basically, ‘how useful is alt text on images, really?’

and another person replying (beautifully),

‘More apt question is:

“Why am I, a designer, including these images if I don’t think they have any useful content?” ‘

@mood Nicely put!
When folks ask things like "How much does alt text matter anyway?" they might as well admit to asking "Do I really need to care about blind people's existence? I'd rather not." :ms_rolling_eyes:

@Mayana “i’ve correctly begun to realize that i’m making a really exclusionary decision, and it’s exposing flaws in my thinking; would you please give me an out?”

@mood If more people would just get over them selves and try a screen reader for a bit the world would be a better place and we wouldn't need to even ask these incredibly basic questions.

@mood @Superfreq i think if more people did that, react might just implode over night

@mood I like this because it notes that not only do all images need alt-text, but we probably don't need all the images we have anyway.

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