Netflix transphobia 

Well. I'm leaving Netflix. I've been there for over 10 years, and I've greatly enjoyed so much of it. but it's changed. Reed Hastings always seemed to be a bit of a tech hippie and idealist. He had lofty ideas of how to run a company and it showed. As Ted "Hollywood" Sarandos has taken more control, it's become less and less of that kind of culture.

The internal response to the Dave Chappelle thing has been an absolute disaster.

Netflix transphobia 

It's not even just the fact that they're propping up this absolutely disgusting transphobia. It's the fact that so much of the openness and respect between all levels of the company is also vanishing through everything going on with this.

Even if you don't give a shit about trans people, this whole debacle shows that the company just isn't what it used to be.

And if you do give a shit?

Well, it shows Netflix only cares about money and will hurt anyone to get it.

Netflix transphobia 

I loved working there. Working with @coda to cofound the first trans employee resource group there. I felt like we were making a difference. Getting inroads to content teams. Talking to them about transphobia in their content. Trying to get them to understand the impact that this has.

But Ted has to let his good friend Dave go around spouting off transphobia for 45 fucking minutes because to do otherwise would be "censorship."

Netflix transphobia 

We were genuinely making a difference out there. I'm so sad that that difference is over.

I'm doing my best as I leave to make sure that this moment gets noticed. It won't change what content is on the service, but it will get everyone to sit up and realize what has transpired and that this isn't the company it used to be.

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