@mood if I were in the woods and this happened I would flip my wig

@Thomas even those lil pantaloons?? owl legs just remove so much of their gravitas

@mood I'm more concerned about it's soulless eyes, rending beak, and scratching talons tbqh

@mood and on the level, I'm an owl enthusiast. I love an owl. Would love to hang out with one at a zoo somewhere and give it a pet, whatever

@Thomas @mood barn owls are easily the most terrifying of all owls, there's a reason they're considered harbingers of death in some cultures

@mood This would make a absolutely perfect album cover, what a photo

@mood I'm just thinking about how excited the photographer must have been

@mood I got a really good pic of a grey jay and it was so exciting

@InternetEh easily good enough to be in an encyclopedia or guide ! (i was gonna ask to see it but then was like, hm asking me to dig up an old pic is a lot of work lol, thanks for posting it)

@mood that wasn't the one I was thinking of. It was the same kind of bird, in flight, from below. With wings spread. But my camera app didn't bring it up when I searched for "bird" lol

@InternetEh technology more advanced than that which navigated NASA missions: “here’s all your birds”

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