dabbing isn't about your form

it's about your intentions

think I might yet take myself on a little weekend getaway to Reno tomorrow

I can't believe I like the cash me outside girls music as much as I do

my housekeeper's name is the same as my ex and I really need to differentiate them in my phone contacts

I googled "Sonic Youth the Hedgehog" and I was not disappointed

hi jorts boost this so my old lurkers can find me

guess what everybody the thousand years of darkness are at hand. the time without light

I think a lot about the summer I spent in that small town with a lot of vowels in its name where everyone went crazy

my old instance let the hosting lapse so now I'm kicking it with you goofballs

introductions: my name is Dickie and I'm a Sagittarius. my interests include black magic, illegal science, and wealthy husbands that disappear under bizarre and/or mysterious circumstances

when you join a new instance and don't know what to toot


Horses can wear jorts too. [[THIS IS ETERNALLY A WORK IN PROGRESS]]