strike number 1: the installer for the oculus application doesn't let you change the install folder. at all.

it installs to C:\Program Files\Oculus, doesn't let you change it to another folder or drive.

ok i kind of lied, you have to use a command line option to change it to another drive. but even then i couldn't change the folder it just installed to S:\Oculus

side note, why does it need 13.3gb? does it include some demo shit or bundled games or something? since if it's just a driver

or some sort of storefront what the fUCK are you using that 13.3gb for

strike number 2: this is just a bit of a pet peeve rather than anything *too bad* but the oculus app wants me to create an account to finish setup? i don't know if the app's required to use the headset or if it's just a storefront and you can use VR apps w/o installing the oculus app but if it's the former then requiring me to create an account to use my VR headset seems wild to me. this might just come off whiny though idk


strike number 3:
probably worst of em all oculus doesn't let you change the name on your account. at all. doesn't even have a support page on it. as if anyone needed to change their name ever *chuckles*

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