Starwars is a movie about a space galaxy where they have laser sticks and space airplanes, but they don't have google drive, so the princess has to save her secret plans inside a toy and throw the toy down at her brother Lucas, who lives on the planet "sand"

When Lucas's dad finds out about the toy, he kills Lucas's aunt and uncle, and then he kills Ben, and then he cuts off Lucas's hand just to fuck with him. Then Lucas cuts off his dad's hand and burns his dead body on the planet "trees"


@bulkington I feel confident concluding that my above starwars post is also an accurate summary of everything Joseph Campbell has ever said

@peptostate I like my interpretation more:

Star Wars is a movie about Luke, son of a high-ranking government official and a patriot, who was stolen from his father by a bunch of religious fanatics. Placed with his fundamentalist uncle, he was brainwashed to join a domestic terrorist group hell-bent on tearing down the democratic galactic government and killing its elected leader.

Star Wars is mostly terrorist propaganda, but also a story about how fatherly love is ultimately stronger than deep patriotism.

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