in this thread I put all the voltrons

@peptostate the one in the bottom right looks pretty surprised to be waking up in parking lot


the amount of effort and skill it took to do this must have taken years of training
i can't even fathom where to start in figuring out which major issue they had to have willfully ignored to trigger the series of events that landed their truck on the third story roof of a house 20 feet off the road let alone snapping a telephone pole that far up
kudos for creating indisputable proof why it's absolutely insane any idiot is allowed to touch something that big without a CDL

@Luxotek @peptostate Tbh, the explanation is probably way more mundane than the image itself. Having lived through several hurricanes, we can say that the winds from hurricanes and tornadoes are nasty.

@peptostate When you really, *really* don't want to carry that couch up the stairs to the second floor.

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