There are many reasons why I enjoy this anime Make My Day but the featured use of a pallet jack in what's essentially hard sci-fi is *chef's kiss*

I fumbled my Gravity's Rainbow reread a few months ago. I picked it up just now and am dead lost.

The hagiography of Stewart Brand I'm reading states how much he was influenced by Marshall McLuhan. Seeing Brian O’Blivion of Videodrome is based off McLuhan.

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I need to watch Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future ASAP

I'm grateful someone tossed off a reference to Fad Gadget to diss Grimes because I spurred me to revisit Fad Gadget. I'm listening to the singles collection now.

An old friend messaged me out of the blue last night, saying that he's been thinking a lot about Momus.

I'm reading David Graeber's pirate book now. And Reed's The South. And the Paul LaFargue book I misplaced. And Dylan's book on songs I forgot I borrowed from work. Whoops.

Because Katz treads lightly on the Business Plot, his 1/6 musings don't quite make sense. He knows Trump is no J.P. Morgan.

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It makes a connection to 1/6 and Trump, but the book is at its best when at connecting Smedley Butler's career in empire building to current U.S. foreign policy.

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I finished Gangsters of Capitalism. It's great! It barely touched on the Business Plot to my surprise btw.

acab includes seminal late 70s uk rock band The Police

These clouds looked neat. In advance of a storm line moving in from the west.

The kid's forgotten all about it anyway. Yesterday he found an electric typewriter at a thrift store. It's his newest favorite thing. He was trying to make music with it.

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Work's been so all-consuming I forgot about that silly comic book thing down in the city that I promised months ago to take my kid to. So mad at myself.

So Freeman Dyson was conscious of Kurt Vonnegut's experience in Dresden. (This must've been rattling around in the back of my skull.)

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It's blowing my mind to see that Theodore Stephanides, from Gerald Durrell's Corfu books, has a weighty Wikipedia entry. I read those books as a kid & adored Theodore.

Alan Moore reading his collaboration with Bill Sienkiewicz, Brought to Light.

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