if you think people are making a conscious decision to not save enough to retire, I will invite you to look at the moldering corpse of "pensions" and suggest you hunt for the real killers

@pig "haha millennials are actively trying to work in a gig economy and destroying union jobs and jobs with retirement matching"-something this person would believe

@pig millennials love avocado toast (instability, fear of working to death in both short and long term) so they won't buy houses (save for retirement, not work 80 hours at dead end jobs)

@SanfordianPhil working in the gig economy means """""""freedom""""""" for those workers, who doesn't love freedom

@pig an uber driver dressed up as Mel Gibson in braveheart for some reason: Freeeeeeeeedooooooommmm

@SanfordianPhil slapping on the war paint to pick up people at the airport and deliver burgers, everyone has to sit in the back because my sword rides shotgun

@pig handing out Thomas Paine style pamphlets that say "work in every state is a blessing, but retirement planning even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one"

@pig I don't even think of my 401k as a retirement fund because it's absolutely inadequate for that.

It's basically just my emergency savings for when things inevitably get fucked

@inkblot_sandwiches oh yeah, I have a hard time imagining I could actually retire, ever

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