Kinda have mixed feelings about the whole isolate gab shit. Like don’t get me wrong the ideas that gab protects and provides a voice for are horrible. I just think that maybe blocking them and isolating them and trying to distance ourselves from them is only going to concentrate the horribleness and make everything even more divided.

IMO, maybe it would be better to almost create a controlled buffer zone...



...of a few instances of people that are willing to put up with some shit in order to extend a hand to maybe some of their more on the fence people. Show them a little human kindness while also disagreeing with their ideas and showing them a way out of the isolation at the fringes of society.

Yes I realize that some of these people are probably way too deep in conspiracy theories at this point, but I feel like if we want a positive long term solution, we need to


gab probably descending into uspol 

... hold our noses and meet them somewhere near where they are. If it’s the Internet filter bubble repeatedly reenforcing slightly more extreme views each and every day, then isolating them in their extremism won’t help. IMO to counter this and truly bring our country together and start repairing the damage, we need to be constantly feeding them new ideas and new perspectives in their terms. While it may be unpleasant at first...

gab maybe I’ll get banned for my controversial take 

... I think if we started by offering other ways of thinking about their worldview, like offering them a new perspective, it may help teach them to think for themselves, research their ideology just a little deeper, conduct better experiments for the flat earthers, .etc. until eventually they can start to change their own minds.


gab maybe a positive message idk 

Maybe I’m getting a bunch of things wrong cuz I’m the last person who should be talking about any of this (would be happy to have a discussion) I just think there has to be a way to separate the human aspect from their beliefs and coexist as people and find some common goal and reason to reach out, even if we disagree. Otherwise neither side is going to make an effort to understand the other.

Honestly idk how coherent or like actually useful this but hey


gab maybe a positive message idk 

@ace oh shit just saw this
so like the lore about why that doesn't work is because it's not the responsibility of the people they hurt to go and rehabilitate fascists, because they're the last people the fascists will believe, and the first people they'll hurt
and what's worse is that if they're given space to communicate their ideas, it's more likely that you'll change than they will. It's the same reason police departments are never reformed from the inside.

gab maybe a positive message idk 

@ace the reason why isolation is an effective tactic is because fascism always spreads by debating it. If you lower your bar to engage with fascist viewpoints to "deradicalize" them, the conversation isn't "how can I help the marginalized people in my life" it's "do marginalized people deserve to exist", which is a very different conversation. and upon that, it's not a 1v1 debate either. fascism is a spectator sport that thrives on putting down its opponents.

gab maybe a positive message idk 

@ace and I think the biggest thing is that fascism is an emotional response and not a logical one. A fascist can't ever be defeated by enagaging with them, because even by entertaining their viewpoint and beginning a discussion, they've won. Their goal isn't to prove that fascism is better, it's to encourage an emotional response in the people that hear their arguments, which is very different from what we're used to.

gab maybe a positive message idk 

@ace as a strategy, isolation has worked incredibly well actually. the thing is, far right communities ALWAYS implode when left alone, because when they have no strawman to defeat, they turn on each other immediately. After a while, people realize that everyone in their life has abandoned them, and the only people left are white supremacists who genuinely hate each other, and they'll have no choice but to leave on their own volition.


gab maybe a positive message idk 

@wgahnagl @ace

Also, the idea that any communication with these people is possible or necessary for any reason, implicitly validates any given one of them and all of them collectively as part of a community, which is why they need and seek such interaction.

They are not part of a community with us.

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