the prollycule: for all those girls you have crushes on that are probably mutual but neither of you act on them

some people have the most beautifully mysterious gender presentation and i feel a bit enbious

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I will personally come to your home and scream at you if you even dare to try to call me a woman

I am not a fucking woman. fuck you

The ideological supermarket, like any supermarket, is only fit for looting
- Abraham Lincoln

Love when capitalists claim that life under socialism would mean no one actually owns anything, then they turn around and create subscription services for furniture.

the saddest six-word story:

baby's first words, "barefoot is legal"

One of the few things I miss about twitter is getting conservatives to block me by just posting a pic of their own avi in the replies. I must have done this 100 times

While it is not uncommon for Japanese merchandise to romanize Yoshi's name as "Yossy", a 1992 set of officially licensed Yoshi's Cookie boxes took an even greater liberty with the spelling and romanized it as "Yussy".

hey young leftist friends. you're struggling to clearly and consisely define your ideology? let me tell you a secret. no one fucking cares. it's what you do, not what you declare that counts


BREAKING: city employee literally smokes grass on taxpayer time & dime!

this shirtless dude at the park is just out here setting fires in the grass

his truck has the public works logo on it so maybe this is fine 🔥🤔🔥

Do you think dragons play Houses and Humans? No, they don't. Humans are insignificant creatures who have no right to compare themselves to dragonkind

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