Joe Biden is just Pierce Hawthorne from community and also Chevy chase on the set of community

ugh im one follower away from 1k and eugene had to go and announce a follower migration feature now i can't just start over on a new instance thanks obama

shaving your face is also a form of magical girl transformation

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I think whoever designed the early 90s MacOS logo was a fan of Designing Women, because it looks just like the necklace Jean Smart wore in this 1986 episode I'm watching

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similarly, "policeman" and "policewoman" are unnecessarily gendered -- just say "pig," or "willing tool of the fascist police state"

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spring in australia is epic because all the animals have smaller versions of themselves in their pockets

"Kickstarter’s Year of Turmoil
How a Nazi-punching satire led to the first union drive at a well-known tech company—and, workers say, the firing of two organizers in eight days."

@red @dragon the USA is a settler colonial enterprise and just about every president presided over genocidal wars against our indigenous folks

you can probably count on one hand every president who'd survive a Nuremberg trial, tbh

Being non-binary fucking rules. There's like a big chunk of the population that thinks we kill god by existing and that's pretty fuckin metal.

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