all you motherfuckers abandoned myspace in a heartbeat, but you still have active facebook and twitter accounts in 2019 even after the shit those companies have been pulling for years??

you were never tom's friend

@red myspace was shit but tom was a better friend than zuck and jack for sure

i remember adding him on google plus cause he just took his myspace money and went traveling and took some really cool pictures

@red Hey, I still occasionally make awkward drink plans with Tom every once and awhile but one of us always cancels because we're "just too busy". 😢

@red I never used MySpace, but I just announced my resignations from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram yesterday. #feelsgoodman

@red I've pretty much abandoned my Facebook account. I only go to Twitter for the porn lol that said I agree about Tom. Better friend than Zuck, Jack and David from Censorblr.

@red Tom wasn't paying me enough to put up with his bullshit, either.

@red the thing about it is most people don't know how to divert to something different they just follow. If something isn't affecting them directly they mostly won't change. Example my issue with getting people to use signal to chat.

@red, oh god! It’s true, so true! I’m sorry Tom!

@red Actually, I'm not quite sure if I actively deleted my MySpace account. I just stopped using it.

It's pretty much the same for me with Facebook.

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