does everyone know how the facebook targeted advertising scam works? why sites/apps are so eager to give away your data?

sites/apps track your every behavior as you click and browse through them. they use this data to improve their UX, to encourage more users to spend money on whatever they're monetizing. but if you're on a site/app to buy soap, for example, the soap site/app probably doesn't know much about you. to the soap co., every potential soap buyer is just a faceless series of clicks


so facebook says "here embed this code" and now the site/app tells fb everything you do there. fb knows who you are on a creepy-intimate level, so when the soap company buys advertising on fb, they target that advertising at other people who will be likely to make those same purchases

the creepy part is that it works very well. at this point basically every website on the entire internet is sending that data about you back to fb, where they can reassemble it into your entire digital footprint

it's probably fine though. i mean facebook seems like *such* an ethical company 💁‍♀️

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Speaking of tracking meta-data:
Since my Dad, Sister, Brother-in-law and I all share the same Netflix we really confuse the "recommendations bot" at Netflix.

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