u ever notice how all the game of Thrones character names are almost like regular names:

jon = john
arya = daria
bran = brian
bronn = brian
brienne = brian
daenerys = darnice
melissandre = melissa/andre
tyrion = tyrone
ned = jed
jaime = jamie
catelyn = kathleen
cersei = sissy
jorah = jormo
sansa = santa
sandor = santa
robb = robbb
theon = the onion
joffrey = jeffley
littlefinger = laura ingrahams
gargron = garfield
samwell = sam goody
stannis = janice
jeor = eeyore
varys = daenerys


@red in Spain too many persons named to your childrens Game of Thrones names.

@red they are all "brent" to my ears, brent 🤷

@red How come there's only one picture of Jon Arbuckle as Jon Snow in a search for "Jon Arbuckle Game of Thrones", but a picture of Jon breastfeeding Garfield comes up in the results? Makes u think

@erinbee @red

Thank you for contributing to my "Cursed Images" folder.

@red this started off super legit and then I’m not sure what happened at the end


can confirm bran is not a regular name (my name is brandon and I've been called everything except bran)

surprised you didn't make a sans joke on sansa

spöïlër älërt Show more

@red ((*grumblegrumble* I know this is besides the joke of this post but "Aria" is a normal name as well! I know MULTIPLE people named "Aria"!))

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