Milestone reached: Made the kind of people who read breitbart upset enough that breitbart made an article about it

@red @Gargron it's so weird to see "racism", "white people", and "nazis" mentioned in the same sentence and somehow they're not all talking about the same thing

@ben @Gargron i have never read a breitbart article before but i assume the writers warm up by screaming at a sheet of drywall until the blood vessels in their eyes burst, and then bang out as many paragraphs as possible before they stop hyperventilating

@red @Gargron there's someone in the comments saying that nazi arguments are never acceptable and therefore censorship is always an admission of defeat

which makes sense if you don't read the post at all and instead read a different post that makes sense

@ben @Gargron oh god somehow i never pondered that breitbart articles would have comments sections

like of course they would, but wow

wow wow i just felt a chill across my soul

@ben @Gargron
I switched from "sort by newest" to "sort by best", and all the comments disappeared :-)

@red @Gargron damn. i want to be famous for my racist posts about white people

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