capitalism is literally a game and capitalists don't understand why it's inappropriate to play games with people's lives at stake

as a professional game dev i can attest, it's not even a well-designed game. if you attempted to sell capitalism -- without the coercion of a militarized police force -- everyone would just be like "this sucks, fuck this pay-to-win bullshit"

The fact that most people hate Monopoly should be a huge clue. It's literally just capitalism. Most people add in communist and socialist house rules and regulations.

@red idea: announce a game that has all the features of capitalism and ask people what they think

@ben @red someone literally did that, in 1935. they made a board game to teach people about how, if a select few hold monopolies, nobody else will have any fun. it was called Monopoly.
parker brothers bought it and sold it as unironic, and people ate it up.

@V @red I meant a video game with a feature list as capitalism for the end user, not for the banker

@ben @V "so in the free-to-play version, you only have to grind 80 or more hours a week. all the features are still locked though. if you upgrade to the basic version (costs ~$300,000.00), its essentially the same thing but now you can afford your own netflix login and don't have to share one with your ex."

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