fun reminder: not every nonbinary person is mystically androgynous or brightly genderqueer. just bc someone passes for cis doesn't mean they are

@red okay, i know, but… a colleague asked me the other day, which way I'm going (mtf or ftm) and it made me feel so *powerful*

fun fact, all my male colleagues have not made any observations and assume I'm perfectly cis, probably because I'm a programmer?

@red This this this this this thank you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

@red YES THIS!!!! just because i look like a cis girl does NOT mean that i am.

@red So, everyone is a Pandora's Box and you should really ask yourself, should I open this box?

@Bluedepth i am a pandoras box of glitter confetti and gay screaming

@red Is that glitter confetti, or glitter, confetti? ;) Commas help us define just how much vacuuming is required.

@Bluedepth i'm picturing the big chunky glitters that are like heart and star shaped. those things get real stuck in carpets so you might want to bring a shop vac

@red "There is no cleaning this. We recommend either selling it or setting it on fire." ;)

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