people should caption their images for obvious reasons

but it also helps for when technical issues prevent an image from loading, or for calling out subtle visual humor or details which some viewers might otherwise miss

thank you for taking the extra 11 seconds too caption your images folks

it's honestly embarrassing how often i don't understand a joke until i read the image caption 😳😅😅

@red Aaaahhhh. The old accessibility-doesn’t-just-benefit-people-with-disabilities strikes again! That wily bastard!

@red I worry about when I don't caption stuff because I think writing, esp descriptive writing, really hard. It has taken me minutes in the past to caption single images. I feel like a pos for not doing it now a days.

@skelltan @roxxers one thing you could do is to invite your followers to write a caption as a reply

sometimes when i really like a toot but it's not captioned, i'll add one threaded below

@red if it's an image of text in a public toot, tagging @lynnesbian 's @OCRbot will produce a reply with the OCR'd text from the image, which can save a lot of typing!


@red i also like to put little jokes in the caps for my images sometimes

@Demonsthenes13 for me it varies based on what im posting. often it's just like "photo of cute small dog laying in grass" but sometimes it's a meticulous essay of everything going on in the image 😅😅

Tis difficult for me to come up with descriptors that will convey the picture properly sometimes

@Demonsthenes13 the advice ive heard is: if you were reading the post to a friend over the phone, what would you say about the image?

sometimes you don't need to say a lot, bc the image isn't as important. sometimes the image only contains a one or two important details and the rest is whatever. sometimes you just want to give an overall impression of what the image is about

I do a lot of "now what's the word I'm thinking of?" And spouting off different words until I settle on one or looked up what I really wanted to say when talking 🤣

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