@breakfastgolem @anarchiv yeah but this is a status thing. It’s okay but so hard to come by. Like posting from an exclusive nightclub.

@breakfastgolem @anarchiv this is the first time in my life having it and it took becoming Facebook friends with bartenders to get set up with

@jasonscheirer @anarchiv It's good stuff though. And it's nice to be able to get it on the west coast; I don't think it's much more than a myth out east.

@jasonscheirer @anarchiv I had an IPA in Minneapolis and it was mostly fruity; very little in the way of hops. Was good but not really a San Diego-style IPA.

@breakfastgolem @jasonscheirer
I maintain that IPA, on average, has become the worst style of beer since everyone got convinced they need to make their own

@anarchiv @breakfastgolem *countershitposting* IPAs were never good and a lazy way to assert a beer was “good” by mouth fucking you with hops over developing a balanced recipe

@jasonscheirer @anarchiv @breakfastgolem Pretending to enjoy overhopped beer seems to be some kind of hipster machismo thing.

@melivia @jasonscheirer @anarchiv @breakfastgolem it's the same dick-measuring as eating pepper sauce with so many Scovilles your children will be unable to taste food

@robotcarsley @melivia @anarchiv @breakfastgolem I regretfully look back at my home brew days where I added an extra hop infuser on my line that turned the beer green

@robotcarsley @melivia @anarchiv @breakfastgolem in 2010, and I had 2 bathrooms and used the free tub to ferment beer and in 2012 I got a prescription for antidepressants and that fixed my shitty hobby problem

@anarchiv @robotcarsley @melivia @breakfastgolem oh it’s fine, I got way deep into the homebrew thing the way some dudes get into the incel thing. Anything normal can be turned into a dark corner given enough mental illness. It was a fun hobby but I had nothing else so it went bad. Gave me good perspective on beer though, that is useful.

@anarchiv @robotcarsley @melivia @breakfastgolem like I was a shit and to this day I continue to be a shit but I got help and I should probably still be on meds but I like having boners

geez mate, it's weird how sometimes you'll be mufos with someone for ages and have no idea how much they're struggling.
@robotcarsley @melivia @breakfastgolem

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