Ftr I showed the plurals to eliminate the false positives from "training" and "business." zero mentions of public transit at all

@robotcarsley I have recently watched this otherwise nice documentary, "a compelling vision" for 2040
And oddly enough, its vision of a bright feature does not include a public transit, at all! Only electric self-driving cars.
They have even correctly identified one of the problems: traffic jams, huge untenable 99-lane highways... but then they say that electric self-driving cars will somehow eliminate the need for most of the lanes 🤷‍♀️

@shadow8t4 it doesn't really matter how they're marketed because they proceed from assumptions that do not match reality. Which is why the answer to the headline is "not coming anytime soon"

@robotcarsley yeah that's more what I was getting at. Having the assumption that you'll be able to just not pay attention whatsoever in a self-driving car is... Bad... At least as of any immediate future.

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