ease of use doesn't mean hiding things from the user

so many applications opt to 'reduce clutter' or w/e which ends up meaning hiding all the options behind more menus; which just means more clicks to do what i want to do. if i have to press on the picture of a hamburger to accomplish anything, then that picture might as well not be there

open source software often — i think less so lately — tends towards ui's that only the people who made them know to use; but honestly i'd rather at least have all the arcane buttons visible at once so i can press them at random than being told 'here's a button you can press :))) aren't you a big girl!'

proprietary software on the other hand tends towards regarding ui as some kind of mind control magic where users can be forced to do what the company wants them to do rather than what they want to do; or like twitter combating harassment by (checks notes) making avis be circles

in all cases they're taking away agency from the user: either 'if you don't already know how to use this, you don't deserve it. you rube. you absolute charlie' or 'you're too much of a dipshit to know what to do so we only gave you a single button to press. have fun, asshole'

i also think the idea of a division between 'technical' and 'non-technical' users is a self-fulfilling prophecy. why are you designing things on the supposition that most people can't use them?

if you're making an instrument for a set of people to use towards a given purpose but they can't do it, then it's a shit instrument

really it comes down to alienation. commercial software is not made to be useful, it's made to generate value. the user is an obstacle to be solved away; and non-commercial software too easily internalises this principle and ends up deciding it needs to be walled away from users who haven't proven their worth to some obscure techno-calvinist standard, in a complete betrayal of what's supposed to be the point of it being 'free' and 'open'


@DavidBlue @esvrld it turns out the reason the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house is because the tools are buggy pieces of shit that were only designed to be profitable, not useful. Every one of them is a juicero

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