fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving

Well, there's over 260,000 Americans who can't say 'fuck thanksgiving'. Be thankful you are still here.

@RobertG @extinct

mm lets talk about the millions more that cant cause fuckers like you...did you suck trumps dick too

@Drako_Fenris @extinct

I guess I should have asked @extinct what he was so pissed about/
At least I've given over $20K over the last 15 years to standwithnativestudents.org
What have you done or what will you do over than be hateful online?


@RobertG @Drako_Fenris @extinct imagine coming back to this thread and thinking you can make yourself look good

@robotcarsley @RobertG @Drako_Fenris @extinct

hey white boy-

your attempt to shame and control the way a native person rightly feels about the culturally madated celebration of genocide is vile.
shut up. never speak to them again.
if you don't, I will send these to the directors of the charity along with a warning: harassment and abuse. Robert G from Texas.
also, throwing money at things for your own benefit and power is not charity. that is called a "purchase."
you may! not! purchase! control! of! native! existence!
shut up
stick your fingers in your mouth and ram your head into a wall.

@robotcarsley @RobertG it's like watching someone step on a rake, blink, look right at it, and then jam their foot down on it again

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