douglas adams is another guy i think had posters' brain. the hitchhiker's guide books are pure post, front to back

@CyclopsCaveman there are stories of him handing script to actors while they were doing the radio show live. Spot check me for accuracy, but the guy had SERIOUS deadline issues. Stuff definitely popped out post style.

@sleepychris @CyclopsCaveman one of his agents had to lock him in a hotel room to finish one of the books and then just returned when it was due and took whatever was done to be published - if he'd lived long enough to see twitter he would've never finished another book in his life

@wolfie @sleepychris @CyclopsCaveman also why he loved adaptations, it meant he could take another pass to add and remove sections

@wolfie @sleepychris @CyclopsCaveman also should be pointed out that Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is a stealth adaptation of a lost Doctor Who serial that was only partially filmed, I don't recall why, called Shada. The professor in that story makes more sense when you realize he's a Time Lord


@sleepychris @wolfie @CyclopsCaveman there was a VHS or DVD release of it back around 2000 with the gaps filled in with production stills and narration by Baker. If you haven't seen it it's definitely worth tracking down

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