ugh, the governor's race is too close. I hate Oregon liberals.

imagine losing a race in a Democratic state because you made an issue of treating the unhoused like people

There's a big slice of comfortable suburban people who live in terror of seeing someone living in a tent. It's the worst thing that happens to them all day and they can't deal

@InternetEh You'd think they would want them to be properly housed in that case, that way they don't have to see it ever again, and yet...

@modulux @InternetEh I really think that if capitalism keeps doddering along instead of collapsing, the only way this is going to get resolved in this country is with death camps. There are no solutions that liberalism will endorse beyond bandaids, tiny gestures toward charity followed by expelling the unhoused somewhere else. Meanwhile the right gets more and more frenzied calling them animals.


@modulux @InternetEh ultimately the only thing the liberals want is to not think about them, and if the fascists put them all in a mass grave then mission accomplished

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