@gonzo @healyn the creature design was the one thing I would praise about it. However, the fact that the Navi weren't hexapodal like every other animal we see was an act of cowardice.

The most baffling thing about foreverially delitized pikachu isn't that someone gets off on being transformed into various meats and cheeses, it's that they had to spice it up by also being hogtied

@healyn glad you recognize that. But really, I just immediately heard it in his voice

@healyn this is worthy of Jack Handey (complimentary)

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every year, it's the same old debate about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. but one movie i think is inarguably a Christmas movie is A Christmas Story

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@jengamon @zenhob @doot I think it said she's British, so better than even chance she's a terf

@dan @zenhob @doot it's exactly the same thing, asserting that choosing to do a job consisting primarily of suppressing marginalized people is an identity category equal in importance to those same marginalized identities

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I like that they think, after the dunking they got yesterday, Raspberry Pi's co-founder blaming it all on whiny vegan piss babies was somehow not going to result in a further significant dunking today

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it's genuinely difficult to think of something funnier than "we hired a cop with a background in electronic surveillance" to post here. it's like if you asked me to come up with a magic phrase that would cause everyone to lineup and kick you in the nuts, i wouldn't suggest that because it's TOO on the nose.

@grant @cicatriz_jdr highlights include the pr person saying that distrusting cops is "childish" and then accusing people of bullying the cop

@kate (not snarking just not sure which specific part you disagree with)

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