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got my new headphones in, breaking em in and taking a selfie while stretching before intervals training today

its half past eight and i'm pouring sweat, that means run number seven on the half marathon plan is in the bag

killed some intervals today. tomorrow is the four mile run

it's 85, feels like 93 (29/34). dew point 74 degrees. its fuckin hot. its fuckin humid. time to get some water and get ready to run four miles

todays intervals training was interesting 45 sec at ~6/10, with 75 sec recovery, alternating with 15 sec at 10/10 with 45 sec recovery, with all the actual running being done uphill. pretty fun

today was 3x7min intervals at 5k pace, with about two and a half minutes rest in between. very fun. tomorrow is "just a run" and then sunday will be the 8k

this was a little rough, ngl. around mile 3 i lost control and had to stop a couple times to gather myself. i felt like i wasn't gonna make it thru the run. but, i pushes thru and managed to make it to the other side

its sunday, that means its long run day, and its time for another 10k

another picture of the chattahoochee? i must be halfway done already!

its a little rainy, but thankfully its light enough i should be able to do this

i should note this is not actually the last distance increase this week, next week will be the final increase before half marathon day

@skelltan some of the screenshots are also from the iOS fitness app, and the weather one was carrot weather

@CyclopsCaveman where does weather come into jogging, like i get winds would effect it but basically what i mean is, is there asuc hthing as bad jogging weather where you shouldnt jog

@skelltan i was just posting the weather because it was a nice day lol. unless you're training super super hard i'd try to avoid rainy days, days that are really hot, or extreme weather events but otherwise to my knowledge there really isn't a "bad" day to run

@CyclopsCaveman one more question, i know you do time so you might not know the answer to this, but im doing this for cardio so im just doing distance. the default was at 4km (2.5 miles.) do u think thats a lot for a beginner or jsut right

@skelltan depends on how long its been since you've done regular physical activity. i usually do guided runs and started with the "get started collection" which were timed but you could run at your own pace. i didn't hit 4k for a while but on some of the longer runs starting out i got close to two miles

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