@FirstProgenitor this is why i dont want to play healer lmao, too stressed to swap between targets and party (i play on console so its harder than on pc i imagine)

i feel like i take my life for granted, that all things considered, i'm doing pretty good. its hard to really realize what you have and to feel it on the inside.

my friend felix is fundraising for his top surgery, which is quickly coming up; please donate if you can! boosts are also helpful!


Urgent Mutual Aid Post: Help Erika Get Housing

cashapp: $ErikaRitz

Aisha needs mutual aid, they’re disabled but don’t qualify for any assistance; anything to reduce their financial burden would be appreciated; you might PayPal or etransfer (canada only) them:


you and i could be in paradise
you and i yeah we could own the world

money begpost, 🔁 appreciated 

It's kind of embarassing to have to do this yet again but all my plans for this month kind of fell apart and I'm missing a whole $400 for next month's rent.

I'm really hoping this will be the last time I have to ask for help like this, if you've helped me out in the past thank you a ton, and if you help me out now thank you a ton also!!!


smething about destroy boys just sounds really sterile to me

all respect to lea salonga but i'm glad SOPHIE's track appears before the aladdin one on spotify search

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hope my ass heals so i can practice backward rolls tomorrow

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