@smileodonicthys@jorts.horse is not that simple, before that first you need to get the THUNDER into the sand

@gabboman @smileodonicthys Hear Ye, the tale of the kind who breathed thunder into sand to make it think (?)

@targea_caramar@sunny.garden then once you introduce the thunder in the sand you trick it to make some basic math.

all nice, but then capitalism ruined programming

@smileodonicthys If a sand's ability to think depends on my ability to program, then the rocks will die of laughter.

@smileodonicthys ... Well then what am I supposed to do for a living?

@smileodonicthys When we force sand to think, it exacts its revenge against us by not doing what we want, but only what we tell it

@smileodonicthys proof assistants are the maximum revenge on thinking sand because it lets them share the anxiety

@smileodonicthys *proceeds to torture sand by taking it apart while running*

@smileodonicthys Making AIs is just giving sand anxiety issues.

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