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You all have infused me with those hot takes

White House Doctor: We Need Millennials To Stay Healthy Because They Know How To Speedrun Video Games

screaming "i have a beating heart! im a fully realized creation!" until i develop a personality beyond Bottom

alright, an earthquake crippled my city, and I'm half a million credits in debt. cool

time for another long session of sitting down and waiting for Cities Skylines to load into a save

gonna play some Cities: Skylines what should I call the city

Some things, are better left unknown.

"nu uh, I wanna know everything"

too bad. deadnames are dead for a reason, smartass.


doing a consumerism 

doing a consumerism 

this is one of the few games where one of the problems you can have is "looks like the steel steam turbine melted"

Actually, since this magma is exposed directly to space, it's actually lava I guess

the living quarters were made of plastic, and they have melted

I've discovered it was perhaps a bad idea to put the living quarters for the astronauts right beneath the rocket exhaust

I've completed my double petroleum boiler. It's pretty good, not too terribly failsafe but it does have accessibility built in for any repairs or changes that are needed so that's good. It's being fed by 3 volcanoes all pouring into one magma pool.

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