anyways yeah so entropy isn't EXACTLY a measure of order vs chaos, it's really just a measure of how close a given system is to thermal equilibrium.

The whole order vs chaos flow of time is a useful analogy, but our concept of order and chaos are not necessarily in line with what entropy truly is as a concept and it's worth understanding that chaos does not necessarily equal entropy.

@starwall i'd say my (possible) adhd + autism make me high entropy, high order

@Manurweibling @pinkosock there's something to be said about high entropy, low order systems. through chaos they have achieved a kind of zen, a state of peace through disorder.

@starwall High entropy, low order basically describes my life.


food, polysemy 

1) i'm obviously high entropy high order
2) how many people is it bothering that those checkers don't fit on that board
3) in fact I believe those are not checkers at all
4) they are either plastic discs made specially for this image
5) or pepperonis

@wxcafe @Manurweibling @LilyVers @starwall reaching across the table and eating my competitors chips until I win

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