y'ever think about how the Irish potato famine and associated plagues basically wouldn't have starved millions if not for Thomas Malthus convincing both major political parties of the time that the famine was a natural part of population control and would help turn Ireland away from their agrarian communal villages into a modern, capitalist economy?

anyways yeah Malthusianism is a genocidal pseudoscience that has literally already caused millions to die

politicizing plague relief to the detriment of millions due to some double-headed imperialist ideology positing that the masses are lazy and inferior for not being able to afford food and medicine themselves, where have I heard that before I wonder

oh yeah, and the media then was ALSO largely ignored because an initial scientific report predicting dire consequences turned out to have overshot the consequences of the first year of potato blight, even though later on the situation did became truly hellish. people in England were like "buuhh fake news" when hearing about the dire situation in Ireland, meanwhile, from freed slaves and native Americans, food donations internationally were completely outdoing the English response

anyways yeah mass evictions in the middle of a plague, drought, and economic collapse seems like a GREAT idea

landlords, bipartisan Malthusian capitalists, and cops, the trifecta of genocide via inaction

like, how hard is it to understand that you just make sure everybody's fed and given shelter and medicine, regardless of their ability to pay for it? You can't make aid pay for itself, you just give it, because it's the right thing to do, fucko

@starwall “all this that is happening has happened before, and will happen again”

@starwall i always think about how much more productive workers would be if they didn't have to worry about having shelter, or food, or water etc.

but then I remember that our problem is not at all "low productivity" and instead just people profiting off of keeping others this insecure

@wyrdash @starwall Yeah, that's the thing. I think we boil down the evils of the world to money a lot, but I feel that's inaccurate. It's about power. Money grants power, but it's not the only thing.

You can see it in how the ruling class will often do absolutely foolish looking things that clearly cost more money than they bring in, but it also enforces power structures.

uber and lyft have always turned a huge loss, but are able to keep workers without rights and money

@wyrdash @starwall And generally drive down the standard of workers rights.

All americans having good healthcare and education would presumably do a lot of good for the economy, but it'd also empower the underclass, which is a major threat to the capitalist overlords.

You even see it at lower classes with poor conservative voters, turned venomous towards getting financial and material aid in exchange for keeping them higher on the heirarchy than "the other" (minorities etc)

@wyrdash @starwall but it all boils down to spiteful selfish greed in the end, however you cut it

@wyrdash Workers have to worry about "earning" their basic human needs, and if we fight eviction or feed homeless people in a park, we are dangerous. Veteran mercenaries infiltrated water protector camps. The nineteenth century elites organized cops to keep us from rising up and creating communes out of their markets. Innocent prisoners are enslaved and tortured. Proud Boys beat antifascists and LGBTQ+ while dancing liberals hid under their sheets. Workers are tools in this economy. @starwall

@starwall the ottomans tries to send a ship of food to Ireland and Victoria sent the navy to threaten to sink them. native Americans, I do not know which tribe though,raised a bunch of money to send to Ireland to feed people.

I think the most insidious part of the potato famine is there was food there, the poor just couldn't afford it and potatoes were the only staple crop they had. they starved while the rich around them lived like kings

@CornishRepublicanArmy @starwall oh shit i saw a gorgeous memorial in Ireland in thanks of that specific food gift. let me find it.

also the fucking british gov literally said "we will help those who help themselves" or something to blame the famine on the Irish, dickheads

more about that neat memorial and gift 

@starwall .....TIL, thanks to this post, that malthus was directly advising on that

@starwall Malthus just put an outer layer of scientific-sounding nonsense math over what was already a series of genocidal policies that colonial powers were going to adopt either way. Malthusianism is a pair of science-themed lips eternally kissing the ass of imperialism, and that's all it's ever going to be.

@starwall nah. When leadership fails I try to avoid shooting the messenger. Hold those with both the authority and responsibility accountable.

@nimbius I'm talking cause and effect here, of course individual leaders are at fault but if we ignore the ideologies that led them to make the decisions they did then we're just completely ignoring history at that point

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