What is my political affiliation? I want to live in the woods with no neighbors, hiking every day with my dogs, but with plumbing, and fast internet. I want all the benefits of modern society without the downside of having to compromise with other people ever.

Oh this test says I'm a fucking asshole, that' seems about right.

Can confirm that it's pretty awesome.
I don't have dogs but the hiking is still great.


@greenjon if you’re a dog person then hiking with them is just next level bonding. I wish I could hike a new trail with them every day.

Not a dog person, but I do make beer and wine. Hiking with homebrew is some next level bonding, so I can relate.

@sweetmercury YES this is perfect, I'd just need something like, Uber sex every once in a while

@sweetmercury Uber, but for sex... I've invented the newest profession

@Louisa they probably have that on the D A R K W E B

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Horses can wear jorts too. [[THIS IS ETERNALLY A WORK IN PROGRESS]]